• World Govern-ment
    Summit 2019
  • Editorial Design
  • The World Government Summit is a global platform generating dialogue around governmental processes and policies between thought leaders, policy makers and representatives from the private sector. The WGS holds an annual event in Dubai, UAE.

    We were commissioned by Sia Partners in the Middle East to design the “Roadmap to Reducing Carbon Emissions” white paper for the 2019 Edition of the World Government Summit. The challenge was twofold: on the one hand we needed to design and layout a paper for an ongoing research —which meant many iterations had to be produced during the process—, and we had a very short turnaround time.

    For this project we had the opportunity to work with a thorough, well-thought style guide… And we are total suckers for well-crafted brands! We played around with the elements in our hands, following recommendations and pushing the limits while keeping absolute respect for the brand.

World Government Summit 2019 - Book
World Government Summit 2019 - Editorial Design
World Government Summit 2019
World Government Summit 2019 - Two books

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