• Julio Miguel
  • Brand Strategy
  • When Julio came to us to work on his brand we knew this was going to be quite a challenging project. After all, creating the personal brand for a commercial films director is no easy task.

    As a film director, Julio is stylised and subtle; his film style is defined by carefully polished visual aesthetics. He also has the ability to clearly convey the personality and looks of the products he’s working with in every single occasion, which is the ultimate, most important thing any advertising director must achieve.

    We needed to express this duality, this strong appreciation of style and the power to reflect a presence by being almost invisible. During our first conversations we agreed that delicacy and minimalisms were pillars of the brand, not only visually but also from a business personality perspective.

  • Digital
  • Any person would go online to check on a director’s reel these days. That’s why one of the key elements of the brand strategy was the website juliomiguel.com. We partnered with OhMyHost! to develop a website with a complex architecture that would ensure a smooth and pleasant user experience. In contrast, design and visuals are clean, delicate and unobtrusive.

    It was fundamental for the website to work seamlessly in all screen sizes. We focused great efforts in achieving a consistent and coherent experience in all kinds of devices, operating systems and platforms.

  • Presentation
  • Clients select directors for commercials based on the filmmaker’s visualisation of the brief. These visualisations are generally presented in client meetings, using presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote. We thought it was fundamental for these presentations to be consistent with the rest of Julio Miguel touch points, especially with the website.

    Not only the presentation deck template standardised the way Julio was presenting his vision; it also helped

    him concentrate efforts in research and development of the project rather than spending time laying out and designing presentation slides.

    Julio Miguel is a brand that’s compelling in its simplicity. Its humble appearance encompasses a profound respect for aesthetics and pays tribute to the power of visual communication.

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